Brand Marketer for Yobbers

Time to Fill

4 weeks


Brand Marketer



"Hiring people in the North of the Netherlands isn't easy, but we found the perfect match for our Marketing team thanks to Moonshot, that's why we have chosen them as our preferred partners. Every position we struggle to fill, we give to the Moonshot team”

Casper Lemmen
Co-Founder at Yobbers

About Yobbers

Yobbers is an online platform that enables international job seekers to land their next opportunity. They link young professionals with employers across the globe. Founded in the North of The Netherlands, they also have a fast-growing office in Valencia, Spain.

The challenge:

Yobbers wanted to grow its brand, to be able to reach more people and inspire them to take the leap and land that job in their dream location. They identified a young, hungry Brand Marketer as the key to achieving this. With the rest of their marketing team located at their Leeuwarden HQ, this person would have to be located in the area, or willing to relocate there, in order to join their new colleagues.

What happened?

Yobbers got in touch with the team here at Moonshot and told us about their needs. Without hesitation, we dove straight into the search. The Moonshot team set to work identifying the type of skills needed to take on this task, and quickly began engaging with potential candidates. In no time we had a pipeline established and were able to introduce Yobbers to their star candidate in just 15 days.