Moonshot Games is two Sydney-based creators with a huge interest in immersion, narrative and the divide between the real and the imaginary.

We make and love games. That's why we're putting on GameFest 2015.

All Images by Victoria Nelson

We love games in all their forms: from board to video, checkers to Halo, pen & paper to interactive live art. We think you might too. 

So we're doing them all. From the 1st to the 5th of December, a blaze of play.

Each day, the Old 505 is transformed into a safe and FREE community space for gaming, where newcomers can find welcoming tables and veterans can test their skills. Plus: one-on-one interactive experiences and a whole day for Room Escapes the size of a theatre.

Each night, a brilliant speaker will lead an investigation into the making of games, combined with a one-time-only megagame, where you can dive into an alternate world for a few hours - and, if the fates smile, emerge victorious. 

Come build a community of people who love fun in all its devious, wondrous forms. Then dance us out in your best cosplay for a our closing night party on Saturday!

Evening events are ticketed and limited - book yours here!

If you want to book a week pass and to go everything, click here!



0423 149 578



Old 505 Theatre

5, Eliza Street, Newtown



Tuesday 1st - Saturday 5th Dec: 12noon–10:30pm